Many young women who are pregnant are faced with a difficult decision, especially if they do not intend to raise their child. We encourage anyone thinking about abortion to consider the similarities and differences between abortion and adoption.


When asked if they would consider making an adoption plan, many of our teens and young women say that they could never give their baby to a stranger. Most of these women admit that they do not know how adoption works today.

Finding out that you are expecting a baby may be a very shocking, fearful, scary or embarrassing discovery.  At this point, you do not want to make any quick decisions. You need to look at all your options.  You owe it to yourself and your baby, to get all of the facts about adoption as one of your options.

At Alpha Women’s Center, we are happy to answer your questions and give you a variety of information.

  1. We have videos for you to watch, which include testimonies of moms and dads who made an adoption plan and those who decided to parent.
  2. We will give you a list of reputable adoption agencies to contact for further information.
  3. We can contact a young woman who made an adoption plan and arrange for you to talk with her to see how and why she made that decision.

You can pick out the parents and the home style that you would like to have for your baby.  These parents will have been thoroughly screened and prepared to parent in a loving, stable home.  You can choose an open-adoption plan, a semi-open plan or a closed plan.

The decision to choose another couple to raise your baby is based on your love for this child, and your willingness to put the needs of that child ahead of your own.  You may want to raise the child on your own, but can you really meet all of its needs for a lifetime?  Choosing to make an adoption plan is a sacrifice on your part, but not an unbearable one. That is why we always recommend a reputable adoption agency, that can help you through this decision process, and if you choose adoption, they will continue to be there for your counsel, as long as you need them.  The counseling support is a very important aspect of this option.

We give a list of several such agencies in Iowa.  These three are also available nationwide.

  1. Bethany Christian Services   –   515-270-0824
  2. Catholic Charities   –   515-237-5082
  3. Lutheran Family Services   –   1-800-622-7285

There is so much more information that we can share with you.  We are not affiliated with any adoption agency, but are just here to support you and help you to look at the facts of several options to be well informed as you consider your future, and the future of your baby.  You are never under any obligation to anyone to just look at the information.  The words we do NOT want to hear are, “I wish I had known about this before.”