-Post-abortion syndrome-

Life after abortion

Abortion is a tragic event that often impacts women for years after the abortion takes place. The emotional toll and sadness that accompany an abortion are real and significant.

Devastating impact

With adoption, although thoughts about the child are ongoing, many women are able to go on with life and can make healthy life choices. With abortion, destructive life choices are almost always a given (just to cope with the trauma of what has been experienced), along with the lingering feelings of guilt and shame. A life was ended…and a piece of your heart is forever gone while on this earth.

The reality of grief

There is grief in never getting to see how your child would have developed as a person and the impact he or she would have made on the world.

You and your abortion

Are you still thinking about your abortion? Do you experience any of these symptoms?

  •  Fear that someone will find out that you had an abortion.

  •  Depression that will not go away and you do not know why. Are you not experiencing joy in       normal circumstances?

  •  Difficulty sleeping or nightmares.

  •  Remorse and sadness when you think of the due date of your aborted baby. Guilt that   overcomes you when you remember the date of your abortion.

  •  Do you avoid being near babies and pregnant women?

  •  Hatred toward yourself thinking that you can never forgive yourself.

  •  Are you angry at others that may have been involved in your abortion?

  •  Are you having alcohol or drug abuse problems and do not know why?

  •  Are you subjecting yourself to abusive relationships?

  •  Do you think of having another baby to replace the one that was lost?

  •  Are you having trouble with your other children?

This is not an exhaustive list and not every post-abortive woman will experience every symptom. If you have endured two or more of these symptoms, your pain may be centered on an abortion experience. This is what is called Post-Abortion Syndrome, and an abortion recovery program can help bring peace. Contact us to take your first step towards peace and healing today!