Our Services and Programs

Alpha Women’s Center offers a wide variety of confidential services, and we serve women and families regardless of age, race, religion or marital status and there are never any charges for our services. We are committed to keeping all clients’ information in the strictest confidence.

Free Pregnancy Tests

At Alpha Women’s Center, we use the McKesson Urine/Serum pregnancy test, which is 97-99% accurate. We offer the tests and instruct you how to use and read the tests for results.  We do not administer the tests.  If your tests is positive, we recommend that you see a doctor right away to confirm a pregnancy by a blood test, which is the only 100% accurate pregnancy test.  You can receive a letter stating that you have received a positive test at this Center, if you need such a letter.

Free Maternity Clothing

We have a variety of maternity clothes at both our centers.  If you find things you like, and they fit, they are yours to take.

Free Baby Closet

Our closet contains clothing, coats, shoes and socks, blankets, towels, diapers, pull-ups, formula, baby food, cereal, bottles, sippy cups and whatever else has been donated.  We do not deal with car seats or furniture.  Our supply varies on the donations received.  You will receive some grace points when you sign up for this program. Please come and take advantage of this generous program.  We are here to help you with your needs.  There are no requirements to be eligible for this program.  If you need help, you may sign up.  It is that simple.  We have clothing up through size 2T.

Free Classes, Videos, and DVDs

We have many classes on a variety of subjects.  These are listed elsewhere on this website.  The classes are usually 25 to 30 minutes in length.  When you have time, you call to schedule a class.  The classes are one-on-one – not in a group setting.  Most of the classes involve watching a DVD and filling in the blanks on the information sheet.  We really recommend watching the prenatal classes, if this is your first pregnancy.  You will be amazed at all the information you will receive.  Some classes are reading material only.  With these, we will discuss the material with you.

Free Bible Studies

We have a variety of Bible studies that we offer for those that are “just curious”, the new Christian, the older Christian, whatever  you might be interested in.

Friendship and Support

We are here to help anyone with a need for supplies, encouragement, or just a listening ear.  We are not professional counselors in any sense.  However, we are trained to be a help to you in your need.  There is never any criticism, or judgement on whatever your issues are or what your lifestyle is all about.  We just want the opportunity to be your friend.