Pregnancy help center

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website! We are a Christian organization that seeks to help women who find themselves unexpectedly expecting. We offer practical, material, emotional, and spiritual support. We want to make a difference in your life today – even if it’s just in a little way! Thinking about visiting? Check out our First visit FAQ page.

Serving women

Each year, we help more than 500 women and families across the Des Moines metro area in Iowa, USA. The women who use our services come from a diverse range of racial and spiritual backgrounds. We love being a multicultural ministry! You can find out more facts and figures about us in our Factsheet.


Lifeline to women and families

We are a lifeline to many women and families in our community who are struggling to make ends meet. If that’s you – we have a resource closet with items you can take. Go to our Services section for more information on how we can support your practical needs during pregnancy and beyond.

Crisis situations

We also help teenage girls and women in crisis situations who are considering abortion or are experiencing trauma from having an abortion. If that’s you – know that we care for your wellbeing and are here for you. Please Contact us or read our Thinking about abortion section to help you get an informed understanding of abortion.


We rely 100% on donations to support our ministry. If you are someone in the community considering donating to us please check out our Get involved page. We have also put together an Alpha Women’s Center Factsheet for all you kind donors and other ministries who want to learn more about our work.

-What we can offer you-

Here to help

Life can be hard at times. Pregnancy and motherhood often come with fears and difficulties. We want to help with some of those material and practical challenges, as well as offering support and instruction to help you grow as a woman and new mom, too. Check out our Services page for more information on what we offer you.

Free services

All of our services are free—there’s never any charge for anything we do or provide. We just want to be a help to you! We are based out of two convenient locations. As each location has different operating hours, we recommend that you check out our Contact us page for more information to schedule your visit, and see which location is closest to you.

-Our team-

Female staff

When you arrive at one of our locations you’ll be greeted by a staff member or trained volunteer – all women – who will make you feel very relaxed and safe. Find out more about our core staff on our Meet the team page.

Meet the Team


There are many “behind the scenes” people who help us with our work. We could not run this organization without our dedicated volunteers. We are always looking for more people to join us in the important work we do for the women of our community. If that is something that appeals to you, check out our Volunteers page.

Board of Directors

In addition to our volunteers, we also have a Board of Directors who are committed to ensuring we serve you in the best way possible.

Local people and churches

Finally, we have the people and churches who give so faithfully to support our ministry. We don’t receive government funding. It is the generosity of others—many from our own community that makes it possible to serve you! We are thankful for every donation we receive – big or small. If donations interest you, visit our Get involved page.

-What does Alpha mean?-


What does Alpha mean? The word Alpha can mean “beginning.” This is fitting for us as God tells us that the “beginning” of life is at conception, when He creates a brand-new person.

Made by God

That means no one is an “accident” or here by chance. Everyone is part of our loving Creator’s special plan, and He has made each of us in His own image. We believe that no matter who you are, what you’ve done, or how old (or young!) you are – you deserve to be cherished and loved because of God’s design for you. Find out more about our Creator’s design for life in the Information section.

Jesus Christ

The word Alpha is also associated with Jesus Christ, who calls Himself the “Alpha and Omega” in the Bible. Jesus uses this title to show us that He is God and has existed forever.

Relationship with Jesus

Our ministry was started by people who know and love Jesus Christ. We want to honor Him in everything we do. Every person who works for us loves the Lord Jesus, and has personally experienced His life-transforming power. We’d love the opportunity to tell you more about Him. We understand that you may have different beliefs and we will always respect you and never pressure you.

Find out more about Jesus

You can find out more about Jesus in our Information section. Or why not grab a coffee and listen to Gemma – a mom who has used our services – share about her life-transforming encounter with Jesus!

-Our spiritual beliefs-

God is Jesus Christ

We believe that our Creator has revealed the mystery of who He is in the Bible, and in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to earth 2,000 years ago. He declared to all that He was God and that He became a man to mend the broken relationship existing between every person and God.

Jesus’ death and resurrection

Jesus predicted He would be killed—but He also promised to come back to life after His death. Jesus was killed, but true to His word He also came back to life. Because of this miracle, and the overwhelming evidence for this miracle, we believe that Jesus is real and our true God.

Jesus’ reconciliation work for us

You can find out more about the work Jesus did to secure peace between us and God in our Know God personally section.

Statement of Faith

If you’re part of another ministry or someone interested in working with us, check out our Statement of faith.

-Our story-

Started in 1989

The heart for Alpha Women’s Center can be traced back to 1989, with a group of concerned pro-life individuals who wanted to make a difference in the central Iowa area. Over several years, groups met, committees were formed, and action was taken. We opened our doors in Des Moines in 1995, and in Ankeny in 2009.

Today - 2019

The Alpha Women’s Center today is a duly organized non-profit corporation recognized by the State of Iowa and by the United States Internal Revenue Service, as a not-for-profit educational service organization. We are affiliated with Life Matters Worldwide (formerly known as Baptists for Life), of Grand Rapids, MI. Alpha receives no government funding—we are solely dependent on the generous support of our donors.

The annual number of client visits was over 3,000 between the two centers last year.

Vision and Mission

Alpha Women’s Center is a pregnancy resource center with a heart for the woman suspecting that she might be pregnant. Our vison and mission is to glorify God as a Christ-centered resource for affirming the sanctity of human life from conception to the grave.

We offer pregnancy tests, classes, Bible studies, and a resource closet with maternity clothing, children’s clothes up to 2T, diapers, baby wipes, formula, and other assorted baby paraphernalia—all at no cost.

We want to remove the reasons for which a woman might choose abortion. We want to encourage the choice for life and then practically help support that choice.

-Our Center got a huge makeover in 2017!-