-What to expect on your first visit-

A place you can trust

It can be daunting to visit somewhere new, especially when you don’t know the people you’ll encounter. Rest assured—you will be welcomed no matter who you are or what circumstances you’re in. You’ll be in a safe environment, and we will treat your visit(s) and your personal information with confidentiality.

Our staff

At the first visit, you’ll be greeted by one of our staff members or trained volunteers. You can find out more about our staff in our Meet the team section.

Understanding your needs

We’ll ask you for some personal information – so we can get to know you and understand your needs. Then we will explain what we can provide for you.

No money needed

There are never any charges for our services or resources – you do not need to bring money for your visit!

Staying in touch

After your visit we’d love to keep in contact with you to see how you are. We are completely dedicated to your welfare and hope that you’ll come visit us again soon!

More first time FAQs

Got more questions? Check out our first time FAQs or Contact us so we can answer your queries directly.

First time FAQs

Alpha Women's Center Des Moines and Ankeny, a photo of a client at Alpha

Kali's experience

Kali shares her experience at the Alpha Women’s Center:

“It’s a life-changing place. Please come and join us at Alpha. It’s good for your life and family. They will help you with so many things, like what you need for your baby, and other stuff.”

-Friendship and support-

Here to listen

Life can be lonely and overwhelming at times, especially with the news of pregnancy or at the beginning of caring for a newborn. We want to befriend and encourage you, and we will gladly listen if you need to share with someone what’s going on in your life.

Advice from the Bible

We are not mental health professionals, but we can show you what our Creator has told us in the Bible. The Bible is the book that God has given to us for understanding Him and for understanding our lives. You can find out more about God’s design for life in our Information section.

Respect for all spiritual backgrounds

If you are not a Christian, we’d like to reassure you that we are still very happy to serve you and help you in your life. No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, we value you!

-Services We Don’t Provide-

No abortion

We’re not a medical facility and we don’t provide abortions or refer for them. The Bible teaches that life begins at conception and that all life is precious. We are created in the image of God and we believe that taking an innocent life is morally wrong. Go to our Thinking about abortion page for more information.

Genuine concern for you

If you are a girl or woman thinking about abortion, we want you to know that though we don’t agree with abortion – we do care about you, and the circumstances you are facing right now. We have staff and trained volunteers who have listened and talked with many other women in your shoes. Any of our staff members would be glad to visit with you, and everything you share will remain confidential. Find out more about the ladies on staff and get their email addresses on our Meet the team page.

Adoption information

Another area where we can give you more information is about adoption – which you may or may not have considered. We think that adoption can be a good choice in very difficult circumstances. Though we are not an adoption agency, we have good information to help you make a well-informed decision. Check out our Adoption page or Contact us to chat face to face.

-Free Pregnancy Tests-

Tests done at our office

If you think you may be pregnant, we can provide you with a free pregnancy test which you take in our office. We’ll show you how to use the test and read the results. The test requires a sample of your urine and you will see the results of your test at the same appointment. Here at Alpha Women’s Center, we use the F.Y.I. hcG 20mg Urine pregnancy test, which is 97-99% accurate.

Positive test result

If your test is positive we recommend you see a doctor right away to confirm your pregnancy by a blood test. Blood tests are the only 100% accurate pregnancy test.

-Stuff for mom-to-be and baby-

Lots of free items

If you’re pregnant or if you have a young baby, we have all sorts of clothes and items for you to take for free.

We know that bellies and bustlines get big, and babies grow out of clothes quickly!

Variety and quality

As we are completely dependent on donations, what’s available may vary. But we do make sure everything we offer is clean and in good condition. We often get hand-crafted items such as blankets and burp cloths donated to us. It’s extra special to think that these items have been made with love by people in our community!

These are some typical items you can take when you visit us, and they are all available for free!

Maternity clothes






Baby clothes

(up to size 2T)









Baby food




Sippy cup




-Free classes, videos, and dvds-

A time of learning

It can be overwhelming to think about all the new things to learn and decide when pregnant and raising young children – especially for you new mommas! We have many classes for you relating to pregnancy, birth and childcare to give you new skills and confidence.

Class details

We highly recommend our prenatal classes. All classes are on a one-to-one basis, some include DVDs and some involve reading. We understand life is busy so we keep our classes short in length – usually 25 to 30 minutes. Contact us to find out more about our classes and we will get you scheduled!

-Spiritual questions answered-

Answers to life

We believe that the Bible holds the answers to life’s questions. It is our Creator’s holy Word to us. If you long to know your Creator better; if you have questions about the bigger picture in life; or if you are simply curious about the Bible and Christianity – we’d love to help! Why not explore spiritual truth right now in our Information section.

Free resources

Our staff can also answer your spiritual questions in person, we can guide you through Bible studies here at the office, and we can give you a Bible to take home so that you can go deeper in learning in your own time. Contact us to schedule a visit!

We want to help young women dig deep into the Bible and learn the awesome truths about our Creator!