Spring, Blessed Spring!

One of the things I have grown to appreciate after moving to Iowa is the change in seasons. After the cold, grey Iowa winter—spring is such a welcome change:

I love being able to go outside without my skin hurting.

I love not having to put a coat and gloves on just to check the mail.

I love being able to have the windows open for fresh air again.

I love the greening of everything—checking my flower beds for signs of new life. Looking for buds that hold the promise of beautiful blossoms in the near future…

Spring encourages me to look forward with anticipation and hope. How about you? Are you looking forward to the coming months…or could you use some hope?

Alpha’s motto is “Help for today and hope for tomorrow.” If you’re in need of either (or both!), please come in to one of our centers and let us show you that there is help and there is hope!

Jeanie Thomas, Director of Alpha Women’s Center.

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